Guinness the Therapy Dog

(c) 2019

In the summers here in the Desert Southwest, the monsoon rains don’t soak into the ground easily. Instead, they fill dry rivers and run downhill. Lucky for us, it gives us a chance to enjoy having flowing water run through our neighborhoods and take part in things we normally don’t have a chance to do.

One of those things is playing in the water. When I took Guinness to my favorite place, the river was flowing too quickly for safety. Happily, a small lagoon had been formed. Guinness needed some coaxing to get into the water, but he took to it very well (as you can see). Within a few minutes, he was soaking in the muddy water.

Yes, he needed a bath to get all the dirt out of his coat. But that was a good exchange for the fun of playing in the water. Plus, he gets peanut butter when he takes a bath!

You’ll see a version of this photo in an upcoming Guinness the Therapy Dog picture book.

I can’t wait to share his adventures with you! Sonja

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