Big News!

I am arranging for special pricing in the month of September. I will announce these deals on my website and on Instagram.

Probably Facebook, too.

Some of the deals may last only a day (FLASH SALE!) and some may last SEVERAL DAYS.

I encourage you to keep a close eye on this site, my Instagram profile (@author_sonja_danielson and @real_Guinness_the_therapy_dog) to catch these deals.

Not all my books will be available for the SALE PRICES, but I’m doing my darndest to organize the best prices for you.

Of course, all my books are available at their regular prices every day. I don’t have plans to take any down and bring them out of circulation. At least, not in the near future.

Pleae let me know how you like them-and leave a review on Good Reads and Amazon. You can find direct links to every book in my catalog that is available on Amazon in the left margin of this website.

Happy reading! Sonja

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