Answering a Popular Question

(c) 2019

The most frequent question about the Guinness the Therapy Dog book series that I get is actually a two-parter.

  1. Is Guinness your real dog?
  2. Can I buy Guinness?

To answer the first question: Yes! Guinness lives with me and my family. He spends most days laying in front of the door so no one can come or go without his knowledge. He’s a big, fluffy heart on four paws who thinks it is his duty to protect me. While he doesn’t act the same with my husband or sons, Guinness places himself between me and anyone who stops to talk to me during our walks.

And onto the second question: No! We would be lost without Guinness in our house and protecting our door. We were lucky enough to have him rehomed with us and we’re not giving him up!

If you come across us on a walk, please stop and say hello. Sonja