Guinness the Therapy Dog

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month (amongst others). Now, Guinness isn’t a shelter dog, but he was given to us by his first owner. We are so happy that he was released to us and we were able to give him a home. He’s been such an asset to our family!

I can’t wait for you to meet him. The picture book series, Guinness the Therapy Dog, is based on him. You’ll discover how he became a therapy dog and his job around the city. Guinness Goes to the Hospital is all about the time he spends with patients, adults and kids, who have been admitted or are in the emergency room. Guinness Goes to the Library will show you how he helps kids read. He loves his job!!!

So, gear up for October and get ready to meet Guinness. If you have a shelter dog in your family, give him or her a big squeeze! Shelter dogs are the best!

Tomorrow is also National Homemade Cookie Day. Get that mixer out and blend together some butter, sugar, and chocolate chips to celebrate the day. If you like coffee, tomorrow is also International Coffee Day, which is great with those homemade cookies.

Enjoy the first day of October! Sonja