My Book Journals

When I am writing my latest manuscript, I use a 5×7 journal to keep track of all the details. It is invaluable.

The cover is in the color of my main character. Lady Fern’s story is within a green journal, Princess Morgen’s is in a cerise. Princess Cecilia, from my upcoming book ‘The Commoner’, is light pink.

I use small sticky notes to separate the pages into sections:



chapter summaries

events and miscellaneous


This way I keep track of personal preferences and special features of my characters, seating charts, maps of buildings and locations, et cetera. This helps with my continuity and cuts down on the time spent hunting these details down. I can also reference these journals when I write the later books.

Enjoy the process! Do what you can to make writing and rewriting fun. That’s why we write, after all.

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