Digital Day Is Coming!

Digital Day is Friday, December 29th on Amazon. As a gift to you, my dear readers, I have reduced the price on the eBook for The Fairies of Carlow, Book 1, The Gilding. 

Now is the time to read about Fern’s rise in the ranks, plus how she learned to stand up for herself and step out of the shadows to fulfill her destiny.

Use the link on the menu, over there, on the left, to get to the Amazon site and buy Book 1 for the reduced price of $1.99.

Friday Only!!!!

While you’re there, consider buying Book 2, The Commoner. It tells the story of Princess Fruhlingsmorgen (please call her Princess Morgen) and her entry into the royal family of Carlow. It’s an exciting read, filled with princesses, princes, evildoers within the palace walls, and those wretched Red Caps.

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