He’s Pooped!

(c) 2020

This is Guinness the Therapy Dog after a walk.

He’s pooped!

Since we went to dog school, he’s a pleasure to walk through the neighborhood. I love how interested he is in everything around him. And I love that he doesn’t lunge and pull any longer!

When we first brought Guinness into our home, as a 95-pound almost-two-year-old, he would practically dislocate my shoulder when we walked together.

During dog school, he learned to walk nicely and not to pull toward other dogs and people. We walked through the boarding area and the instructor even brought other dogs into the training area.

He is so eager to please, that he learned very quickly. It used to be that I didn’t look forward to our daily walks because it was such a struggle. Now, I take him on at least one walk a day. We have a ball!

Go outside! Sonja

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