Lucy the Wonder Dog

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Much of the focus of the Guinness the Therapy Dog series is on–Guinness the Therapy Dog. As it should be. But did you know that he has a companion/older sister?

She is Lucy the Wonder Dog. She is very shy and is happy to leave the spotlight to Guinness.

Lucy lives with us, too. She was, I think, significantly abused when she was a puppy and bears the emotional scars to this day. Lucy has lived with us for seven years, but cannot move past her suspicion of everyone and everything. She is on anti-anxiety medication (CBD tincture), which does a tolerable job but doesn’t completely eliminate her fears.

She is also a genetic mess. She suffers from permanent dislocations of both back kneecaps, her front legs are shorter than her back legs, and one of her front legs is shorter than the other causing a limp. She also has an impressive underbite. Even bulldogs are, like, “DUDE!”

But Lucy is a sweet girl and asks for attention-but, only from me. She doesn’t like men, hats, or loud noises.

Guinness loves her and they rely on each other for support. When I take Guinness for a walk (not her, she can’t go on walks longer than 50 yards because of pain), she waits by the door and talks to him when he returns. It’s a sweet relationship.

Lucy didn’t make me write this! Sonja

2 thoughts on “Lucy the Wonder Dog”

  1. Hello! I understand Lucy. I love Lucy and Guinness therapy dogs’ books and The Gilding fantasy series very much. I am Japanese. I am sorry to read English books so slowly. I study English harder, and so I appreciate your English book series to skill up my English ability. My instagram account is @angelhappy127. Thank you for following my instagram. Please be healthy. I look at your instagram too. The Gilding is fun to read! The interesting story make me happy. I love this story !!

  2. Thank you! Take your time and send me your questions. I’m happy to help you.

    I think you already write English well. I hope my books help you get to the level where you want to be!

    Good luck,


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