It’s Election Day!

Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

It’s time to cast a vote for the country. If you’re not eligible to vote, please encourage those in your life who can. If you are, please send in your mail-in ballot or go to the polls.

It’s so important for every eligible citizen to cast a vote. Here in Arizona, we are voting on important city issues, plus filling soon-to-be-vacant offices at the local level.

National elections are always held on the first Tuesday of the month–the first Tuesday that follows a Monday. So, if Tuesday is the first day of the month, then the elections are held the following week.

Congress decided on that day in 1845, specifically for presidential elections. November was an ideal time of the year since the harvest season was ending. This made it easier for people who lived in the country and worked farms to get to a polling station and cast their votes.

Every state in the union is holding elections today to select public officials and decide on legislation.

Be a part of the process! Sonja