Gnomes Are Gnot Gnice

In The Gilding, gnomes are responsible for bringing a vicious enemy into the fairy kingdom.

It was mischief that caused the gnomes to ally themselves with the Red Caps. However, when the viciousness of the Red Caps became too severe, the gnomes severed their ties with the neighboring kingdom. Their reputation was significantly damaged in the Kingdom of Carlow due to this ill-fated alliance. It will take diplomacy and time before they will be trusted and accepted again by the fairies.

Gnomes like to mine for jewels and valuable minerals. They are considered to be amazing jewelers. You would think that fairies and gnomes would be allies, since they both enjoy jewels and perform valiant acts of mischief, but this is not meant to be in the Kingdom of Carlow.

Gnomes originated in Scandinavia and now live throughout the world. They are seven times stronger than a man and can run as fast as 35 miles per hour! Their eyesight rivals that of a hawk or eagle.

Gnomes live underground in three-room homes. Two rooms are living areas and one room is their store room for food and supplies. They are vegetarians and enjoy nuts, mushrooms, and other items they can forage from their surroundings.

Male gnomes typically wear a red peaked hat and pants in blue, green, or brown colors. Females wear a blouse and skirt in muted earth tones. Unmarried girls wear green caps; married female gnomes wear a scarf. All gnomes have a fair complexion with rosy cheeks. The men typically have beards.

They are guardians of the rest of the animal kingdom, but are fearful of cats. They free animals caught in traps and help animals are neglected or abused.

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