2019 Tucson Festival of Books

Save these dates: March 2nd & 3rd, 2019. These are the dates for the fabulous Tucson Festival of Books located on the mall at the University of Arizona. This family-friendly event has something for people of all ages and interests!

For readers:

  • 360 author and panel presentations on all sorts of topics and genres

For hungry people:

  • 30 food vendors in 3 food courts featuring local eateries

For cooks of all ages:

  • Culinary Tent where chefs cook favorite recipes from their cookbooks

For the curious, head to Science City:

  • Tons of programs for kids
  • Serious science updates from University of Arizona School of Science researchers

For those who want to be entertained:

  • 4 stages with all types of local performers
  • Lots of interesting characters (in and out of costume) wandering the grounds
  • Giant crossword puzzles!

More details are at: www.tucsonfestivalofbooks.org. And don’t forget to save these dates: March 2nd & 3rd, 2019!

Want to know more about the vicious Red Caps?

Red Caps make a showing in The Gilding and play an even larger role in The Outsider. They are vicious creatures, believed to be evil goblins or sprites. They normally live in the borderlands between England and Scotland, but have built a flourishing kingdom next to Carlow. Continue reading Want to know more about the vicious Red Caps?


When Lady O’Conor was plain Mrs. O’Conor, she would make her family bread. This is one of her favorite recipes. She used a sponge that was begun by her great-grandmother, so it was wonderfully bubbly and tangy. Sponge can be kept in the refrigerator or on the counter. It is fed (or recharged) with flour and warm water. If kept on the counter, it must be fed daily; in the refrigerator, it is fed weekly. It is well-worth the effort of paying it attention in order to make delectable bread!

Continue reading Ciabatta!

Gnomes Are Gnot Gnice

In The Gilding, gnomes are responsible for bringing a vicious enemy into the fairy kingdom.

It was mischief that caused the gnomes to ally themselves with the Red Caps. However, when the viciousness of the Red Caps became too severe, the gnomes severed their ties with the neighboring kingdom. Their reputation was significantly damaged in the Kingdom of Carlow due to this ill-fated alliance. It will take diplomacy and time before they will be trusted and accepted again by the fairies. Continue reading Gnomes Are Gnot Gnice