Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Today marks the time when we have the longest day of the summer-the most daylight. In the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, there will be continuous daylight!

I was in Alaska in the summer. There were midnight baseball leagues and room-darkening shades. It was fun for the short time I was there, but I think it would be tiring for longer.

This time of year has been observed for centuries throughout the world by festivals and rituals.

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the First Nations people participate in the Ottawa Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival. Iceland has the Secret Solstice Festival and Sweden celebrates throughout the country with the Midsommer Festivals. (This actually took place yesterday). In Austria massive bonfires are lit on the mountaintops. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages.

However you decide to celebrate today, be safe and check to see if things have changed due to the pandemic. Sonja

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