When Lady O’Conor was plain Mrs. O’Conor, she would make her family bread. This is one of her favorite recipes. She used a sponge that was begun by her great-grandmother, so it was wonderfully bubbly and tangy. Sponge can be kept in the refrigerator or on the counter. It is fed (or recharged) with flour and warm water. If kept on the counter, it must be fed daily; in the refrigerator, it is fed weekly. It is well-worth the effort of paying it attention in order to make delectable bread!

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Gnomes Are Gnot Gnice

In The Gilding, gnomes are responsible for bringing a vicious enemy into the fairy kingdom.

It was mischief that caused the gnomes to ally themselves with the Red Caps. However, when the viciousness of the Red Caps became too severe, the gnomes severed their ties with the neighboring kingdom. Their reputation was significantly damaged in the Kingdom of Carlow due to this ill-fated alliance. It will take diplomacy and time before they will be trusted and accepted again by the fairies. Continue reading Gnomes Are Gnot Gnice