Guinness Goes to Court

(c) 2020

Guinness the Therapy Dog is going to have his day in court! But he’s not in trouble.

Did you know that therapy dogs go to court to help kids? That’s right! It can be a scary place, and dogs are there to make it less scary. Frequently, kids are asked to go into a courtroom to tell what they’ve seen or experienced.

That can be tough to do with so many people watching and listening. Among those watching could be the person who hurt them. That can be intimidating. Dogs help kids feel brave enough to tell the stories they need to tell.

Next time you go to court, think of the therapy dogs who help the younger people as they face this huge new challenge.

And if you’re a younger person facing this challenge, and you think a therapy dog can help you, ASK FOR ONE! They are there for you!

Stay happy! Sonja

Lucy the Wonder Dog

(c) 2020

So, when you look at Lucy’s expression do you see the impending eye roll?

What was happening was this:

She was in a highly anxious mood and wouldn’t come out from under the table. I didn’t want a picture of her with her ears laid flat against her head (her typical ‘I’m anxious’ look), so I was squeaking a high-pitched tone to get her ears to perk up.

It worked but, clearly, she thinks I’m insane.

Well, her ears are perked but the expression doesn’t make for a great picture.

Oh, well! Sonja