Unboxing the books!

One of the most fun things is to get a box of books in the mail. From the covers to the pages, I love getting books.

These days, it takes a long time to get stuff shipped–since the shipping sources have been affected, as well as the supply lines. Order what you want and have the patience to wait. The people working to get it to you are battling a lot of negativity and unhappiness from the scarcity of several things as well.

Make sure you thank your delivery drivers–and wave when they drive by. It’s a good way to bridge the gap of social distancing!

I was out walking Guinness the Therapy Dog and waited for the Fed Ex truck to pass by before we crossed a side street. It wasn’t a big deal for me or Guinness, but it meant a lot to the driver and he called out a thank you. It was nice to show caring in such a simple way.

Tell me your ideas for bridging the social distancing gap! Sonja

Hey, It’s April First!

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

And that’s no joke!

Why is April 1st the day to pull pranks? This worldwide ‘holiday’ is enjoyed by individuals and corporate entities alike. You can find news sources, magazines, and newspapers publishing prank stories.

But why????

It could be traced back to Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales’ in 1392, but there’s some dispute about that. Maybe it’s because of French poet Eloy d’Amerval in 1508.

The Netherlands attribute the day to a victory over Spain in 1572. And the British origin goes way back to 1698 when people were tricked to “see the Lions washed” at the Tower of London.

In some countries, particularly those associated with the United Kingdom, the jokes end at noon.

Since ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and a good laugh can boost your health, it’s a good time to laugh at yourself and those around you.

Just make sure the joke is funny to everyone. Sonja

The Good Thing Is…

There are a lot of things about this pandemic that can make you sad. Now’s the time to look for what makes you happy. For me, it’s spending a lot of time with my dogs.

Guinness the Therapy Dog usually lays nearby while I work on my laptop at the dining table.

Lucy the Anxious One is typically in her crate that is within arm’s reach.

So, looking for the silver lining of sheltering-in-place or self-isolation is that I get to spend time with my dogs and my family-maybe not in that order. Family first! And I get to binge my favorite shows while I work. Yay!

It can be difficult to focus on the good and not on the bad, but it’s worth the effort.

Keep your eyes on the prize! Sonja

Here’s the Thing-

(c) 2020

I was on a hike yesterday with a good friend and her son and we came across this heart-shaped cactus. Isn’t it cute?

You can find love in the weirdest places.

I didn’t love spilling an entire pot of tea all over my writing desk just now. But things are dried and other things are in the washing machine, so all is good. Back to what I was talking about…

Love is everywhere, you just need to be open to it.

I’m taking an online course on mindfulness right now, and it is a good reminder to live in the present. I have so many things that try to pull me into the future-that increase my anxiety-and practicing mindfulness brings me back to the present. It isn’t healthy to sit in an anxious state and that’s what I do unless I work to live in the moment.

I want to enjoy the present, not worry about the future. And that’s what mindfulness encourages.

With all this time at home, I encourage you to take an online class in whatever sparks your particular interests.

Don’t let this time slip by. Sonja

A Little Inspiration For You

Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

This quarantining related to COVID-19 is changing day-by-day and keeping us from roaming around the world. It’s hard to stay at home when you want to sit in a crowd and people watch.

I’ve participated in three Tough Mudders and really appreciated this paragraph in a recent email:

“This is a time that Tough Mudder values ring more true than ever – the only way to defeat this pandemic is by working together – and Mudders know how to do that better than anyone else. In this strange time, in many ways, we have an opportunity to be even more connected.”

I’ve noticed this connection when I am out walking Guinness the Therapy Dog. Neighbors wave at each other and say hello, which didn’t often happen before the quarantine.

I hope this neighborly feeling will extend to the grocery stores, etc. next. There are so many instances that make me feel afraid of what the ‘other guy’ is going to do.

Keep your head up and watch out for your neighbors! Sonja