Yes, You Can!

Photo by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash

Have you ever tried something and failed?

Did it make you feel bad?

Your brain instantly starts to call yourself a failure, a loser.

Here’s the thing: you tried. That’s more than 98% of the population. (Okay, I made up that number.) Lots of people TALK about doing whatever it is you tried; few actually attempt it and even fewer are successful.

The thing to focus on is that you TRIED.

A coach of mine always said that if you don’t fall sometimes, you aren’t trying hard enough. I think that’s true.

When I ski raced, you have to ski ‘on the edge’ in order to win. When you ski ‘on the edge’ you have to be willing to go one way or the other. Which means, you either complete the race of your life or you have a spectacular crash. I have had many (with the evidence of a few broken ribs on MRIs), but also I have my share of wins.

Let me tell you, the wins more than make up for the crashes. I don’t call them failures because they’re needed to get to the wins. Not every idea or plan is golden.

Embrace the tarnish and polish it off the next time. Sonja