It’s Sunday Funday!!!

What do you have planned? It’s still hot here in the Southwest so I’m going to be staying inside–maybe a movie, maybe a book, maybe the gym. But I know I’ll certainly be spending part of the day writing! I have a lot of fun creating my stories and I can’t wait to start the next episode of the adventures of Guinness the Therapy Dog!

Right now, he’s shedding up a storm in preparation for the cooler weather. I expect it to sweep over us by the end of next month. Next month, you say! Yup, because here in the desert the hot temps stay way too long. Like a bad smell or that person who won’t leave you alone. You know what I mean– Let’s not go there.

Because it’s Sunday Funday!!!!! Go have some fun! Enjoy youself!

Have a great Funday! Sonja

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