Happy Birthday, EII

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash

Okay, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was born on April 12, 1924. Why is her birthday being celebrated today?

Two reasons: King George II and the fickle British weather.

In 1748, King George II decided to move the traditional military parade, called Trooping of the Colours, away from his November birthday because it was too cold. He combined his birthday celebration and the parade at a time of more temperate weather.

Since that time, all British sovereigns are able to choose the date of their ‘official’ birthday, as well as having a more private celebration on the day they were actually born.

Queen Elizabeth II chose June, which is normally a beautiful month weather-wise in England. Originally, she proclaimed that the Trooping of the Colours would be held on the second Thursday of June, but in 1959 decided Saturday would be a better day for the celebration.

Why am I so interested? Because the Kingdom of Carlow from the Fairies of Carlow series is very Irish and is headed by a monarchy. A lot of their rituals and celebrations are based upon those of the British Royal Family.

But, in the Fairies of Carlow, the royal princesses are named after roses and their gowns (Victorian-ish) are the color of their namesake rose. The boys wear morning coats, trousers, and cravats. They are able to fly, but the higher the rank, the less likely they do. It’s a status thing.

The weird thing is that The Gilded Fairies are the highest fairies in the land. Their presentations are always anticipated and feature highly-coordinated and complex flying skills. So, the royals and nobility ride in carriages–and The Gildeds fly. Nothing is perfect, even in the fairy kingdom.

OH! I have to ask: Do you have a place in your garden where the fairies are able to gather? Chairs and tables are best so they have a place to have their tea, which they conjured. It’s a complex process to gain permission to cross into the human world. It’s also very tiring to cross that border. Princess Zepherine may do both in my new book based on her life.

Make way for the fairies! Sonja

It’s Guinness’s Birthday!

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash

Guinness the Therapy Dog turns four years old today! What a big boy!

Because of COVID-19, his therapy visits have ended–just for a short time. He misses all the kids at the shelter and at the library, so I read his book to him.

Did you see the weekend’s special pricing? Lots of people took advantage of the ‘free book weekend’ for the Fairies of Carlow series.

I hope you were able to download your copy.

Enjoy the books, and I hopy you send Guinness some birthday wishes! Sonja

Semper Fi

Today is the 245th birthday of the U.S. Marine Corps. Founded in 1775 by the Second Continental Congress, the Continental Marines (as they were called at that time) consisted of two battalions. As of 2017, the U.S. Marines number an estimated 186,000 on active duty, with another 38,500 in the Reserves.

The Marines are the smallest branch in the U.S. military, with a large reputation. They work with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Air Force during expeditionary and amphibious operations.

Take the time today to thank the U.S. Marine Corps. Sonja

Happy Birthday, U.S. Navy!

Photo by Michael Afonso on Unsplash

The Continental Navy was originated during the American Revolutionary War in 1775. The fleet comprised of two armed vessels which were tasked with the job of hunting down ships supplying weapons and ammunition to the British army. The Continental Congress wanted to decrease the power of the most powerful military force at the time, to allow for the Whigs and non-royalists in the colonies to fight their way to independence from the British crown.

When the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, the Continental Navy was dismantled. However, the Naval Act of 1794 was enacted by President George Washington due to threats against American merchant ships by pirates. This created a permanent U.S. Navy.

Today, the fleet consists of more than 300,000 active duty personnel and 100,000 reservists in the submarine, aviation, and surface divisions. This year will also mark some historic milestones in the U.S. Navy’s history. 2019 is the 25th anniversary of women’s first assignment aboard a combat ship, the 50th anniversary of Top Gun, the Fighter Weapons School, and the 100th anniversary to mark the end of World War I.

2019 is the 243rd birthday for the U.S. Navy. The theme for the year is “Forged by the Sea,” which refers to the Navy’s fundamental relationship with the sea and its mission to retain U.S. maritime superiority.

Photo by Adam Pacanski on Unsplash