Audiobooks v. eBooks v. Paper books

How do you like to read a book? I use all three of the above formats. When I drive around in my car, I’m usually listening to an audiobook. But I have to be careful about which book I choose. If I get bored, I tend to tune out the audio. If it’s a complex story, it’s best if I read it as an eBook or a hard copy. I tend to lose track of plots and characters if I listen to a complex book.

I keep my e-reader in my purse. That way, if I get caught in a long line during an errand, I can pull out my book and read until I get to the front of the line. It’s a much better use of my time than standing around and watching those around me getting frustrated by the wait, although that can be fun, too. I read hard copies at home unless I can get it as an e-book.

Before I bought an e-reader, I was a confirmed hard copy book lover. I like the weight of a book in my hands and the act of turning the page. However, I am a convert to the e-book! It’s light and handy to have hundreds of books on my tiny reader. I download books from the library, which is a nice feature!

Tell me how you read your books! Sonja

My Favorite Things

Above and below are some of my favorite things. I see a theme–nature. I love to be outside. Water is important. So are trees and flowers. A good hike is the best! And a good hike with Guinness the Therapy Dog is even better!

He loves to be outside–and he loves water. When he hikes, he wears a backpack. When he finds water, he lays down in it and doesn’t bother about taking off his backpack first.

What are some of your favorite things?

Have a great week! Sonja

Only a Few More Days Until the Weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend? It’s time to start planning! It is outdoors or indoors? Close to home or far away? Alone or with family and friends?

The weekend is a time to recharge from the busy work/school week so you can tackle the upcoming days with energy and optimism. Those are the best ways to move through a day. Approach it with energy and it will give it back to you in fun and excitement. Approach it with optimism and you will find good opportunities and people everywhere.

Are you in a bad mood and can’t get away from it? Smile. That’s all. Just force yourself to smile. The very act of engaging the smile muscles lifts your spirits and your mood will elevate.

It’s medically proven!

Try it the next time you’re in a bad mood–or feel a little blue. I think you’ll be amazed.

Smile! Sonja

Put on Your Sunday Clothes!

I’ve been awaiting this day for a long time. I get to see one of my favorite movies on the stage! Yes, the Broadway musical ‘Hello, Dolly’. You know, the one Wall-E watched all the time.

I’m always in awe of the talent onstage. They sing, dance, and act so well (usually). I am very lucky that high-quality shows come to my town and I can see such talented people.

Oh, if only!!!

I wanted to post a photo from the play, but can’t because of the rights of the photographer/company. So, I can only recommend you download the movie or Netflix it. It’s campy and fun.

Do you have a favorite movie or play?

Take some time to revisit your favorites, Sonja

Do you have a hobby?

I ask because today is World Card-Making Day. I don’t make cards, but I have a relative who makes beautiful and intricate cards. They’re more works of art than simply a card.

I tend to go toward things involving needle and thread. When I find the time, I like to sit down and work on a stitching project. I’m not very picky. There’s an entire world of things out there to learn.

Those things usually find their way into my books. Can you tell from The Gilding (Violet’s gift)? That’s taken from my likes. You can probably see my dislikes, too.

Tell me about your likes and dislikes, too!

Enjoy your weekend, Sonja


I always consider it a win when a reader enjoys one of my books. That’s what happened the other day: a reader whom I truly respect told me how much she enjoyed reading my Fairies of Carlow series.

I love hearing from readers, so don’t be shy about contacting me!

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I would love to answer a question or talk to you about the stories.

Keep in touch, Sonja