What’s the best restaurant in your city? Tag it!

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

With most restaurants looking like this during the quarantine, it’s important to support your local businesses.

Most offer take out and delivery, so make sure your favorites are able to stay in business. Order a meal and go pick it up, or have it delivered.

Lots of people rely on tips to make ends meet, so be sure to take care of that as well.

Stay well! Sonja

It’s the First Day of Spring!

Photo by Yoksel 🌿 Zok on Unsplash

Today is also called the vernal equinox. That means that the hours of sunlight equal the hours of nighttime.

The amount of sunlight increases consistently until the longest day of the year-Summer Solstice. Then the hours of daylight slowly decrease until they equal the night hours at the autumnal equinox.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the vernal equinox happens every year on March 20th or 21st. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, it falls on September 22nd or 23rd.

Enjoy the run-up to summer! Sonja

National Read Across America Day

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Today is also called ‘Dr. Seuss Day’. These books are mandatory reading for pre-readers and early readers, it seems.

My favorite titles are ‘Go, Dog, Go’ and ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’–

I don’t know why these books are my faves–

I love dogs and loved climbing trees when I was younger, so maybe that explains my first choice.

I’m big on motivation and taking chances, so I love the message in ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’. “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”

Wait, I think this stream of consciousness has answered my question.

When Guinness the Therapy Dog and I go to play with the at-risk kids at the domestic violence transition shelter, we always read at least one book. Last week, we read a book about a dog with no tail who had a pretend tail attached by a button.

My first question was: how was the button attached to his butt??? My second question was: why did the tailor (get it!) make the tail so long???

The poor dog already had self-image problems and now he has a tail that vies the length of ribbon used by Olympic rhythmic gymnasts.

In the end, the dog and his friends decide it’s better to be yourself than to rely on a fake tail. That’s a good message for the kids and the wordplay by author Kate Feiffer is fantastic.

Good reading! Sonja

Two of My Favorite Things

(c) 2020

Chickens and garden art.

This one fills both categories quite well!

I love how kooky it is. Some folks don’t like how the eyes follow you as you move about the yard.

The wings flap and there’s a place to put a tea light inside so it will illuminate at night. I haven’t tried it but I wonder how hot the metal will be and if the paint will start to peel off when it is heated.

I think it’s time for an experiment!

Enjoy your garden (and don’t forget to make a lovely place for the fairies!) Sonja

#Nature #Outside #Horses

Photo by Greta Schölderle Møller on Unsplash

It’s Sunday Funday and I plan to spend it outside.

I would love to enjoy this beautiful weather from the back of a horse. Too bad I don’t have one to ride! But I can use my imagination–

I love the smell of horses, the creak of the leather saddle, the sound of the hooves clopping on a dirt trail. And so much more.

Tell me what you like to do on your #Sunday Funday. Sonja

Enjoying The Everyday


I love pretty plates and tea cups. And I love tea.

Not coffee.

Sacrilege? Possibly. I come from a family of coffee drinkers. Does that help? Between the three of them, they drink enough to cover my expected daily consumption.

I love tea. Mainly loose-leaf, but I’ll have the bagged variety as well. No milk. A little Stevia if it needs sweetening. I’m a purist, I guess.

I make pots of tea and keep them warm with a teapot warmer fueled by tea lights (what else?!?!?). It makes my writing area cozy and gentle.

Have a cup with me! Sonja

My Favorite Book

Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

If you’re are a regular follower of this site, you likely know about my love of anything Jane Austen!

My favorite book to read is ‘Pride & Prejudice’. My favorite adaptation is the BBC mini-series of ‘P&P’, and the 1995 version of ‘Persuasion’.

I would love to hear about your favorites.

I’m always on the lookout for a new experience! Sonja

February Bucket List

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Here is a bucket list for this month:

Read at least two books

Find a new author that you love

Try a new genre

Draw a picture

Walk your dog as many days as possible

Remember all the birthdays this month

Find a new podcast

Improve your sleep by reducing screen time before bed

Cook or bake something using a new recipe

Hug your dog every day (No dog? Hug your neighbor’s dog!)

Enjoy this new month. Sonja

My Love of Candles

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

When I write, which is every day, I sit at the dining room table. That way I’m near my dogs, my movies, and my candles.

I have a candle in a frosted glass holder exactly like the one in the photo. I keep it lit while I’m sitting there and working. I also have a teapot warmer that keeps my tea hot. It was purchased in Germany and heats the tea using a tea light. I have tapers on the breakfast bar in a holder that used to be my grandmother’s and tea lights on the window sill.

Can you tell that I love candles?

I buy tea lights by the bushel and scour sales for larger candles. I’ve been lucky enough to buy large bags filled with candles from estate sales. Those have lasted for weeks!

What do you use to make your workspace warm and comforting? Sonja

Photo by Zoran Kokanovic on Unsplash