The Voyage

(c) 2019

I am pleased to announce the working title for my first picture book: The Voyage. This tells the story of one of America’s preeminent families as it travels through Europe and finally lands on the eastern shore of the American Colonies.

The Wing Family landed in Boston and lived at Plymouth Colony before settling on Cape Cod.

I can’t wait for you to read about the Wing family! Sonja

Special Pricing

I hope you have been able to take advantage of the various price reductions that I have arranged for The Fairies of Carlow series. Some of the deals are for everyone and some are for readers specific to the U.K.

I also want to let you know about my upcoming books: The Wing Family: From England to the American Colonies will be published in time for Christmas purchases; the first two books of the Guinness the Therapy Dog series should be available by February of next year.

These new books will be picture books. The Wing Family: From England to the American Colonies features the illustrations of Emma Crick, who is a very talented artist from England. She is scheduled to illustrate the Guinness the Therapy Dog books as well.

Check back on this website for release dates and special pricing deals. Sonja

A Special Price Just For You!

The Fairies of Carlow: The Gilding

If you live in the UK, I’ve arranged for a special pricing event just for you. This will be for the ebook of The Fairies of Carlow: The Gilding and will start Friday, October 18. This pricing event ends on October 21, with the lowest prices available on the first day.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

You can access the pricing on or by using the link for the ebook on the left margin of this web page.

If you haven’t read The Gilding, I hope you enjoy it. If you have read the story of Fern, thank you!

Don’t forget that the series continues with The Outsider and The Commoner. Each book stands on its own, but there are glimpses into the futures of the fairies from the prior books. I hope you enjoy all the books!

Plus, stay tuned for a picture book that tells the story of a family who emigrated from England to Plymouth Colony in the 1600s. Tentatively titled, The Wing Family of America: From England to the American Colonies, this book is expected to be available before Christmas.

Also, I will have the first two (or more!) picture books from the series Guinness the Therapy Dog ready for purchase in the new year. This series will show how a big Bernese Mountain Dog becomes a therapy dog and all the adventures he has! I can’t wait to share his stories with you.

(c) 2019

Looking forward to sharing with you! Sonja

Did You Miss It?

On Tuesday, I ran a free eBook promotion for Book 2, The Outsider. Were you able to get a copy? If not, don’t worry. The eBook is always available for purchase. If you like hard copies, each title is available in that format as well.

I run lots of promotions for the eBook versions of the Fairies of Carlow series. Keep an eye on the website for announcements. All the books, in hard copy and eBook, are available at You can find the links in the left-hand margin of my home page.

These books are written for those of you who can read chapter books. Some of the words may need to be looked up in the dictionary, but it’s fun to learn new words!

If you, or someone you know, prefers picture books, then stay tuned! I have a book coming that takes a glimpse into America’s and England’s history–and introduces you to a family that was instrumental in the formation of the United States.

Plus, I’ll be introducing Guinness the Therapy Dog to you in a series of picture books. He’s a big lovebug and can’t wait to meet you.

There is so much happening! Sonja