A Favorite Thing

One of the things I miss when the weather is hot is a nice cup of tea. I have a favorite seller here in the U.S. (harney.com) and favorite blends. I typically use loose tea because I think it makes a better cup, plus, I love the ritual of spooning leaves into the pot and pouring water over them. The leaves unfurl and the aroma is fantastic.

I usually need to drink decaffeinated or herbal teas because my body loves to hold on to caffeine and keep me awake at night. And that interferes with my writing process! It’s in the dark when I’m relaxed and about to fall asleep, that problems with my plot are solved. I also “see” interesting scenes and those little details that can help a scene come to life. But sitting in front of my computer with a steaming cup of tea really makes the writing process work for me.

What works for you?

Have a cup with me! Sonja

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