My Work Space


I always have a cup of tea beside my laptop. Even as it’s tortuously hot outside, I have some cooled tea in my cup.

I also have dogs at my feet! Guinness the Therapy Dog is usually under the table where I work and rests on top of my feet. Lucy the Wonder Dog likes to stretch out beside my chair-within quick access to her crate where she hides.

I would love to see where you work! Sonja

Enjoying The Everyday


I love pretty plates and tea cups. And I love tea.

Not coffee.

Sacrilege? Possibly. I come from a family of coffee drinkers. Does that help? Between the three of them, they drink enough to cover my expected daily consumption.

I love tea. Mainly loose-leaf, but I’ll have the bagged variety as well. No milk. A little Stevia if it needs sweetening. I’m a purist, I guess.

I make pots of tea and keep them warm with a teapot warmer fueled by tea lights (what else?!?!?). It makes my writing area cozy and gentle.

Have a cup with me! Sonja


Photo by Daniel Seßler on Unsplash

Today is the first week of December, which means you should be three days into your advent calendar. If you light the advent candles, you should have lit one candle last Sunday.

My advent calendar this year holds 24 packets of tea. I love to drink tea and I’ve been tasting new flavors every morning. In the afternoon I’ve been combining Vanilla Comoro with cocoa bean hulls. It’s a tasty treat that smells so good! The cocoa bean hulls came from Peru and give off a wonderful aroma.

If you want the smell of chocolate with a slight hint of the yumminess, but not a cup of hot chocolate, then the cocoa bean hulls fill the need perfectly.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Have a sweet day. Sonja

One of My Favorite Things

(c) 2019

This photo shows some of my favorite things: tea, flowers, and really pretty porcelain or china. I’m always looking for a deal on all three of those things.

I’m especially happy to have found a teapot for the holidays—at a killer price. The only thing better than pretty porcelain is pretty porcelain on sale.

I’ve already written about my favorite tea vendor. I stand by that and am so happy to try new blends! Right now I’m trying out a black tea flavored with maple. It’s called New England Breakfast and smells divine! It’s nice to inhale a bit before taking a sip and really enjoy everything the tea has to offer.

I hope you take some time today to enjoy one or two of your favorite things.


A Favorite Thing

One of the things I miss when the weather is hot is a nice cup of tea. I have a favorite seller here in the U.S. ( and favorite blends. I typically use loose tea because I think it makes a better cup, plus, I love the ritual of spooning leaves into the pot and pouring water over them. The leaves unfurl and the aroma is fantastic.

I usually need to drink decaffeinated or herbal teas because my body loves to hold on to caffeine and keep me awake at night. And that interferes with my writing process! It’s in the dark when I’m relaxed and about to fall asleep, that problems with my plot are solved. I also “see” interesting scenes and those little details that can help a scene come to life. But sitting in front of my computer with a steaming cup of tea really makes the writing process work for me.

What works for you?

Have a cup with me! Sonja