Don’t Judge…

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

One of my favorite philosophies is: You never know what someone is going through, so be nice.

I also like the idea that “unless you walk in someone else’s shoes, you can’t understand what they’re going through.”

I try to keep those in mind whenever I run across someone. If they’re happy, sad, angry, despondent, etc. it’s important to approach with love.

I can remember how it felt to be judged without that person knowing what was going on in my life, and inside my head.

I remember being the one judging. It makes me cringe and I want to find those people to apologize to them.

I think I’m this retrospective because I’m writing Lady Zepherine’s story. She’s going through a lot that I went through and it can be difficult to open those doors. I’ve been very successful in locking up those memories, especially from high school, and now I am taking a key to those rusty locks.

It’s not as traumatic as other people’s experiences, but it was a lot to handle when I was a young teenager. Wait, aren’t all teenagers the same age? Chronologically, yes. But I was young, emotionally and physically. Which can be difficult when you’re in middle and high school.

I can’t wait for you to read Lady Zepherine’s story! Sonja

Get Going Today

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Today is the day to start. Start what? Whatever you desire. It’s the day to stop being limited by your thoughts, your personal demons, your own negative ideas–basically, whatever is making you doubt yourself.

Today is the day to think you CAN!

You CAN make that change, think differently, go against what you’re told. Because you are amazing. You are capable. You are YOU!

Don’t let what other think you can do hold you back. They don’t know what lives inside of you.

Don’t let what you were told hold you back. Think about those things differently. A new perspective can help make changes.

Don’t let your ‘life’s lessons’ make you doubt your capabilities. Use those experiences to make yourself better, not bully you into submission.

You are able.

I was just listening to a book by Jen Sincero and it is very motivating for me. Find what motivates you. Sonja