Friday night under ‘stay at home’ orders. Much different from ‘before’. Ew, that was a little Handmaid’s Tale. Okay, prior to the orders, Fridays were for friends and fun.

Now, the only friends we can see is the series Friends, which used to be on Netflix and is now on Warner’s streaming. Or you can catch one of the many reruns that are showing every day on other channels.

These days, Friday are for hobbies. Whatever your flavor: photography, reading, knitting or other needlework, binge-watching Netflix…. no judgement… lol.

I write (of course) and love having this time to steam through edits and creating new stories. I took a risk and entered a manuscript into a contest, #revpit. The results were announced this week.

I’ve also watched more classes on my favorite teaching website, masterclass.com, and found a lot of motivation from James Patterson and Margaret Atwood. Name dropping? Sure. Advertising the site? Probably, but I pay the annual subscription to watch any lesson.

I label myself a lifelong learner, and am trying to use this time at home to fulfill my desire to learn as much as possible. My interests are wide and varied, from improving my writing to learning ASL and adding to my high school French.

What are you doing?

I hope you enjoy whichever hobby brings you bliss. Sonja

Just For You

I have so many good stories for you to read!

All three books from The Fairies of Carlow, including The Gilding, The Outsider, and The Commoner, are all available now. The Voyage is newly released! The Guinness the Therapy Dog series is coming soon!

I hope you get the paperbacks or download the ebooks (all available on amazon.com) and enjoy these stories.

Use the links in the left margin to go to the book sites on amazon.com, or search for my name ‘Sonja Danielson’ in the Amazon search bar.

Let me know what you think of these stories. I would love to hear from you! Sonja

Audiobooks v. eBooks v. Paper books

How do you like to read a book? I use all three of the above formats. When I drive around in my car, I’m usually listening to an audiobook. But I have to be careful about which book I choose. If I get bored, I tend to tune out the audio. If it’s a complex story, it’s best if I read it as an eBook or a hard copy. I tend to lose track of plots and characters if I listen to a complex book.

I keep my e-reader in my purse. That way, if I get caught in a long line during an errand, I can pull out my book and read until I get to the front of the line. It’s a much better use of my time than standing around and watching those around me getting frustrated by the wait, although that can be fun, too. I read hard copies at home unless I can get it as an e-book.

Before I bought an e-reader, I was a confirmed hard copy book lover. I like the weight of a book in my hands and the act of turning the page. However, I am a convert to the e-book! It’s light and handy to have hundreds of books on my tiny reader. I download books from the library, which is a nice feature!

Tell me how you read your books! Sonja