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I am asked frequently how I became a writer. I’m asked also how I come up with my story ideas.

My response is: how do you not have stories constantly running through your head?

I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember. A wonderful lady used to tell how I would be going to sleep when we were all camping and they would hear my voice acting out some scene or other. That’s when I was maybe three or four years old.

Everything I see is filed away and it’s fun to take things out and examine them to see if they will fit into my current WIP (work in progress). Sometimes I’ll write a scene and a memory will pop up that I can integrate into the description.

The fun of writing the Guinness the Therapy Dog series is that I have the famous dog right here at my feet. If I want to see how he plays with a ball, I can throw it for him. It’s fun to have my subject ready to watch!

I hope you are living your own story! Sonja

My Love of Candles

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

When I write, which is every day, I sit at the dining room table. That way I’m near my dogs, my movies, and my candles.

I have a candle in a frosted glass holder exactly like the one in the photo. I keep it lit while I’m sitting there and working. I also have a teapot warmer that keeps my tea hot. It was purchased in Germany and heats the tea using a tea light. I have tapers on the breakfast bar in a holder that used to be my grandmother’s and tea lights on the window sill.

Can you tell that I love candles?

I buy tea lights by the bushel and scour sales for larger candles. I’ve been lucky enough to buy large bags filled with candles from estate sales. Those have lasted for weeks!

What do you use to make your workspace warm and comforting? Sonja

Photo by Zoran Kokanovic on Unsplash