Have You Seen This Site?

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When writing, sometimes there’s a word you can’t think of, or a word that may not fit in with the time period. Or you think of a word and know you need it’s antonym.

I use several sites to help.

The first is an etymology dictionary. This is the link (a click on the word ‘link’ should get you to the site. I set it to open in a new tab, so you don’t lose your place while reading my riveting prose!

The second site is an online thesaurus. This is the link to that site. Again, I made it so it should open on a new page.

So I don’t lose my plot thread, I put ‘???’ where I want to search for a different word, the word, or the antonym. Then, when my creative well has been wrung dry, I go back and search for the word I want.

I’ve tried stopping and searching for the word when I need it, but I’ve found that I lose my thread, the dialogue, or my intention for the plot. It was frustrating.

I’m a linear thinker, organized, and constantly thinking of characters and plots. It’s sometimes difficult because when I’m out and about (remember that?!) I see others and make up stories about their lives. It’s fun, but I tend to lose myself to my imagination.

My husband and sons are used to it, but others are confused by it. I think it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t have an imagination that constantly makes up stories to be around someone who does. Kind of like being an Oscar when someone else is a Felix (you need to know The Odd Couple to know what I mean).

Just be yourself. That’s all that should be expected. Sonja


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Hey! Are you on Insta?

Have you seen the popular account by real_guinness_the_therapy_dog?

He has thousands of followers and posts (well, he doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so I post for him) pictures every day.

If you like cute, giant, furry dogs then Guinness’s account is for you.

I also follow several other Insta accounts.

For instance, @august_musings. She is an inspirational poet and posts some amazing work.

I’ve posted about her before. When you read her verses, I dare you not to feel better and, better yet, smile and say ‘yup’.

Also, @april.reads.and.proofreads is an exceptional proofreader. She looks over every manuscript written by my evil twin. Her comments are always exactly what’s needed, and she finds all those typos and punctuation errors that creep into the book.

Last but certainly not least, I need to mention my favorite military account @tigerstripedmisfits. This non-profit donates all its profits to military foundations (like the Green Beret Foundation). All monies are made with the sales from its website: tigerstripedmisfits.com.

Mine Insta for those valuable accounts. Sonja


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Today is the day to celebrate anyone in your family who has survived cancer. According to the NCSD website, this applies to any living person who has overcome cancer-from diagnosis to today. NCSD is observed on the first Sunday of June worldwide.

It’s a day to celebrate life, in a month set aside to recognize these survivors. The website highlights words such as celebration, inspiration, support, and outreach.

There are events in many locations around the world to recognize those who have beaten the ‘Big C.’

These days, since we shouldn’t gather in large groups, you can connect online. I recommend doing an Internet search for an event that works for you.

Today, there are more than 16.9 million cancer survivors in the United States (according to the NCSD.org website). They are supported by the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, which is a nonprofit that collects information for cancer survivors. The Foundation “works to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors by raising awareness of the ongoing challenges of cancer survivorship.”

So, if you have someone in your life who has survived cancer (I have many!), today is the day to recognize their amazing battle and recovery!

Take care of yourself and others, Sonja

Are you on Instagram?

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I have mentioned this Instagram account before, but I think it bears repeating. You should follow @august_musings. She is an inspirational poet and posts some amazing work.

I posted about her at the beginning of this month and dared you not to smile when you read her poetry. I still dare ya!

Also, @april.reads.and.proofreads is an exceptional proofreader. She has a manuscript of my evil twin’s and we are looking forward to her comments and critique.

And, both of these accounts came to me by way of @author_george_I_fleming, who writes thrillers set in Florida. Check out his books! I’m currently reading Bad Habits: A Tampa Bay Tropics Thriller available now on Amazon.com and through Barnes & Noble.

Of course, I need to mention my favorite military account @tigerstripedmisfits. This non-profit donates all its profits to military foundations (like the Green Beret Foundation). All monies are made with the sales off its website: tigerstripedmisfits.com.

Check out all these accounts! Sonja


Photo by NeOnBRAND on Unsplash.com

When I think of someone uplifting my moods, I think of a new friend on Instagram. She’s a poet and writes some truly beautiful verses.

You can find her at @august_musings on Instagram. Go to her page and read some of her poetry and not smile. I dare you!

Do you follow anyone on Instagram, Facebook, or on a web site that inspires you? I would love to know about them.

Enjoy! Sonja

Online Site

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I found an online site that offers ~1,500 free classes and wanted to share it with you. (This isn’t a sponsored post; merely information). Open Culture offers classes that are taught by universities around the world. I attached the link to the above site name. It should open in a new window so you can explore the list of classes.

The opportunities presented by this service are astounding. Are you interested in history, sociology, math, etc? You can watch classes or listen to them as MP3 files whenever you want. The site offers free classes if you audit or choose ‘no certificate.’

Or you can choose to pay for the classes and get credit or a certificate.

There aren’t enough hours in the day!

I hope you find something you like. If you have a good site for free online education, please leave the info in a comment, or send it to me at sonjadanielson@gmail.com.

Enjoy the time that you have to become a lifelong learner! Sonja