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Today is the last day to grab your free ebook of ‘The Fairies of Carlow: The Gilding!’

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This book tells the story of Fern, whose only focus is blending in. She gets her gift and becomes a Gilded Fairy, one of the most illustrious fairies in the Kingdom of Carlow.

Read about her adventures and how this gift affects her friends and family.

There are some big surprises!

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Free eBook!
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This is book 1 in the series. The other two ‘The Fairies of Carlow: The Outsider’ and ‘The Fairies of Carlow: The Commoner’ are also available. All three can be purchased in paperback or you can get them as an ebook.

I’m planning on the fourth book in the series, thanks to a question about Lady Zepherine. (You can meet her in ‘The Gilding’). Currently, I’m in the planning and plotting stage. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!

I hope you enjoy ‘The Fairies of Carlow: The Gilding!’ Sonja

Did You Get My Gift?

For the winter holidays, I arranged for special pricing for the three above books. Available exclusively on, the ebooks for The Gilding and The Voyage were free worldwide–The Commoner ebook was available for free to my friends in the UK.

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Books Are Available!

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Each book in the Fairies of Carlow series stands alone with a glimpse at the continuing stories of previous characters. It’s almost like getting an epilogue while being immersed in the story of new characters.

The Voyage is based on actual history and tells the story of one of the notable and founding families of the East Coast of America. The Wing Family traveled around Europe before the matriarch and her sons crossed the Atlantic to settle in Plymouth Colony and eventually Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The Voyage is based on actual events and locations, and the book includes information on locations mentioned in the book and has a timeline of the events. I wanted the political climate of England and Europe easy to understand, which was difficult based on the rule of King Henry VIII, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth I.

The Voyage is easy to read and boasts several full-color illustrations made specifically for the book. The talents of the artist (not me!) show the dress and environment of the story. You have to see them!

I hope you are able to enjoy my titles, Sonja

Writing for Illustrations

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It’s different when you write the text for a chapter book that doesn’t include pictures and writing for an illustrated book. The illustrations help the reader visualize what you’re writing about.

I didn’t have to describe the clothing in ‘The Voyage’ because the artist did such a phenomenal job with her research to show the clothing and the colors that were true to the period.

For ‘The Fairies of Carlow’ series, I took literary license to use clothing that was suggested by the Victorian period and was able to modify it as necessary for the stories.

The ‘Guinness the Therapy Dogs’ stories will be modern-day and the dress of the people he interacts with will be easily drawn. I probably won’t mention the clothing unless it directly affects the plot of the book.

And dogs don’t wear pants! Hey, that’s a good idea for a story!

The illustrations in ‘The Voyage’ also show the world occupied by John Wing as he traveled through Europe as a preacher. It helps the reader see where he stood in The Hague, Oxfordshire, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts (for his family).

Take a look at the beautiful illustrations of ‘The Voyage’. The illustrations for the first two books of the ‘Guinness the Therapy Dog’ series are being drawn by the artist right now!

I can’t wait to show you. Keep a lookout for the logo that will appear on the front cover of every ‘Guinness the Therapy Dog’ book. It’s spectacular and I will unveil it here on this website soon!

Keep writing! Keep reading! Sonja